Tuesday, February 28, 2006

a brief note on this blog's name

i was at a loss as to what to name the blog, and in a fit of impatience, settled on a phrase that often pops into my head at random intervals. after i'd already committed to the name, i thought on it some and realized it was part of an actual lyric from an actual song that was lodged somewhere creaky and spiderwebby in my memory.

that lyric was "i'm a hip hop lyrical robot." i know. it's embarrassing.

so, i did what anyone would do who was at a loss regarding the origin of something. i googled. and upon googling, found the song from whence it came. "hip-hop lyrical robot" by ub40. color me horrified.

but then i read the lyrics, and they are soooo me:

I want the girls to hear me rap
Cause this mc has got the nack
I`m your body-popping shell shocking
Girls hocking eye popping lick me all over like a lollipop
I`m your juicy fruit
Alright, alright, alright

it gave me chills when i read the lyric 'i want the girls to hear me rap.' ub40 took the exact reason i am blogging and put it in their totally body-popping, shell-shocking song. rad!

mamas don't let your babies grow up to be eric bana, gay cowboys, or crazy racists

does it make me shallow if i found eric bana in form-fitting synthetic fabric and aviator glasses the most compelling thing in 'munich'?

i've become the kind of southern californian i never thought i'd become -- the kind that is afraid of rain. i had to drive out-of-town yesterday and was obsessed with getting caught behind the wheel of a car whilst raining. "ooh, these roads are going to become so slick and dangerous!!" was one thought that passed through my mind. also, "i hope i don't get caught in a rockslide or landslide on my way home" ... even though it was only cloudy at the time. is there a drug for this?

speaking of oscars, i've been reading on the internets that 'brokeback mountain' is likely being shut out of best picture as people are tired of 'the gay thing.' hmmmmm.

if 'crash' wins, i'm going to lose my mind. yes, racism is bad, but was there a single believable character in that entire movie? does anyone know anyone who is like any of those people? i'm sure i don't, but maybe that's because people who are actually like any of those characters are too busy blurting out a racist thought every 30 seconds to have an actual relationship with an actual person. which i am. i think. hmmmmm.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

yes, this is she.

ye olde blogge

blogger mysteriously 'disappeared' my blog, like some '70s-era latin american dictatorship, only not.

anyhoo, if you want to look at my scant postings at the old blog, feel free to visit http://me-and-mrs-jones.blogspot.com/.

that said, from now on i'm gonna keep the content over here at my new site rooty-tooty-fresh-n-fruity. i think. maybe.

p.s.---the best thing at the old blog is the adorable picture of our lovely dog, loretta. i'll put more adorable pics of her here. one day. maybe. i think.