Tuesday, June 27, 2006

if i were a woman.....

parker posey i would be.

an inconvenient president

i wish my brain had the convenient off-switch this fella's seems to have. apparently, global warming is still up for debate!


Sunday, June 25, 2006

independence day

ok, little bit o' backstory...i quit my job of 6 plus years on wed. (the equinox!) and some friends were coerced into helping celebrate in hollyweird that night.

early in the night, everyone had to try on my magic glasses, which were obtained via my flexible spending account, which i had to spend up before leaving. this is the mister with them on:

this is one-half of the party crowd---love this one because of the great weird light on the bldgs in the background-- this was taken w/o a flash, so i guess that was the cause, but the scientology celebrity center is to the right, just out of frame, and maybe there were a lot of stray thetans clogging up the air around us.

we ended the evening on a nearby and little-known thoroughfare where parking is usually available. it is affectionately referred to by some of the lady folks as "rape street," cause when you see it, that's the thing that immediately springs to mind as a probable eventuality should you venture down its unlit and dark corner-havin' sidewalks. because of this, we offered to drive the one lady folk who had parked there to her car.

....little did we know that other dangers awaited us when we arrived:

the love bug

i have been remiss in posting a pic of the newest member of our non-traditional family (take that, southern baptist convention - yes, we are dog lovers--just as you feared, all this talk of gay marriage has led to dog marriage, because we are, indeedy, married to our dogs).

yikes, let's blame that outburst on the remnants of this weekend's alcohol intake.

anyhoo, here he is. adorable, ain't he?

as for being remiss in posting a pic, any of you who are still reading this blog will likely say "hey...you've been remiss in posting anything for quite some time, buckaroo." well, i have no other excuse, other than having been in australia for the kidman/urban nuptials.

actually, saying i don't have an excuse isn't accurate. i have been working like a fiend for some time now (backstory will have to wait) and i am finally moving into a situation where i think there will be a little less pressure (in some ways--more in others; ain't that always the way?). ergo, more blogging.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

ok...i wish i hadn't seen this


Study: South San Andreas fault is overdue for quake
Report says fault could rupture at any moment, killing thousands in L.A.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

happy birthday, barely legal!

a boy and his dog

attack of the killer weeds!

in case you think the news is sensationalistic or summin, thought i'd dissuade you with this headline from CNN:

Giant venomous weed burns woman, scars boy