Saturday, December 30, 2006

best of '06, part uno

ok, i should probably divulge that i was the movie, music, and television reviewer for my high school paper, and that big-haired, vans-wearing, smiths-listening, vw bug driving nerd is screaming to get out today, so we're gonna hit it with my humble opinions on the best of '06. my mind is too scattershot to divide this up into individual lists, so it's just gonna be one bootylicious list covering a range of things i dug this year.

1) neko case - fox confessor brings the flood : i know i've extolled the virtues of ms. case here before, but no other album sat with me the way this one did. in fact, just two nights ago, nine months after the release of the album, i found myself listening to 'the needle has landed' three times in a row, 'dirty knife' twice, and 'hold on hold on' three times. as obsessive as i get with music (could ya tell?), for me to be doing that many repeats after nine months, it's gotta be good (or i've gotta be crazier than previous diagnoses may have indicated). also, she put on the best live show i saw this year, and just saw that she's got a tour date at the henry fonda in l.a. in february. color me in the audience.

2) jenny lewis & the watson twins : also raved about these ladies, but bears mentioning again. both their 'rabbit fur coat' album together and the watson twins ep 'southern manners' were in frequent rotation on lyrical robot radio.

3) marie antoinette : this got booed at cannes and panned nearly everywhere else, but this was one of the most bracing, exhilirating things i saw all year. to start with, the first movie ever filmed at versailles? j'adore! then throw in a surprisingly fantastic pair of lead performances from kirsten dunst and jason schwarzman. bravo and brava! stir in some great supporting casting (judy davis, molly shannon, steve coogan, rip torn)...praise jesus! then add in a fantabulous soundtrack, and you had me at hello and goodbye. i took it as a reading of what it was for sofia coppola to grow up sheltered, fabulous and tragically hip in new wave cali the daughter of movie royalty, but it also works as a poignant and impressionistic bio of marie antoinette.

4) solomon burke - that's how i got to memphis : it's been years since i heard a song on the radio or somewhere and it stopped me dead in my tracks (the previous one that comes to mind is 'bleed' by forgotten l.a. band, the negro problem). nic harcourt grates on my nerves a bit now that he is the voice of land rover (is that the subtle sound of an ego bursting its seams i hear emanating during his interstitial commentary?), but he is dj par excellence, and i owe this one to him. i can't remember where i was heading when i heard it, but i literally stayed in the car until harcourt came back on to identify the last 400 songs he played (another annoyance with his show) so that i could find out who was responsible. available for only ninety-nine pennies on itunes and beyond worth it.

5) the dixie chicks - silent house : as you people probably know by now, i love me some dixie chicks, and though i didn't think this album was as amazing as many year-end music critics have, i did think it was plenty great, and i had a hard time deciding which track to cite here. perhaps you did not know that i love me some neil finn (if i've ever been drunk around you, i'm sure i launched directly into my reminisence of seeing and meeting crowded house, appearing with a not-yet-famous sheryl crow, in a charleston, south carolina country western bar called desperadoes in the early nineties), and he co-wrote this track with them. i don't know what it's like to have a mother with alzheimer's and hope i never find out, but this heartbreaking and insanely perfect track seems to capture it. also ninety-nine cents well-spent. incidentally, the two runners-up are 'the long way around' and 'voice inside my head.' and let me add that my biggest disappointment entertainment-wise in '06 was not getting to see 'shut up & sing,' the barbara kopple documentary about the bush brouhaha, though the sting is less now that i know the dvd comes out in february.

another five to come later when my typing fingers are rested.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

ring the alarm

don't you just love wireless internet? i'm at the ontario airport en route to a business meeting (yes, a biz meeting the week between xmas & new year's -- bah humbug!) and realized i've been neglecting ye olde blogge over the holidays. my lengthy absence should give a little indication of what a wonderful holiday season it has been...literally the best i've had in years and more on that later.

in the meantime, be glad your weave isn't too tight, and happy new year in case i don't blog again until '07!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

split, kick, and split

today is my bday -- 29 again -- and i keep having molly shannon's sally o'malley character pop into my head with her rallying cry: 'i'm 50! i like to split, kick, and SPLIT!' i wanted to post some vide of it, but the long arm of the nbc law makes sure nothing SNL-related makes its way out of their corporate grasp, so please settle for her lovely countenance, instead.

i hope to take on my latest year with the tenacity, skewed wig, and long, shiny gams of ms. sally o'malley, minus the cameltoe. (feel free to join me fellow saggitarius, wordy nerdy - i've got sequined costumes for us both!).

Thursday, December 14, 2006

golden globes (musings on pamela anderson)

psych! this post is about the golden globes not inflated with silicone. that's right, the awards given each year at the beverly hilton with a hefty side of grain alcohol, from the looks of things on tv.

anyhoo, the independents really have taken over this year. i think the only studio film nominated for best picture (drama) is 'the departed' - and i believe the hollywood foreign press members' sanity departed them when they nominated it in this category. great popcorn flick, and i love martin scorcese, but this ain't no thing but a chicken wing, know what i'm sayin'?

i'm gonna do a 10 best list before the year is out (or at least before the oscars), but dang--i've hardly seen any of the nominated movies! however, i have seen 'notes on a scandal' starring nominated judi dench and her golden globes (though on much better disply in 'casino royale' than in this movie). alert readers will think, 'how in the world have you seen judi dench in 'notes on a scandal' given that it hasn't even been released?'...and i would tell you, 'i have my ways, and the less known about it, the better, but it involves linguini, a wrench, an alpaca, and two q-tips.'

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

when did SNL get funny again?

case in point:

Thursday, December 07, 2006

christmas update 2006

Dear Friends & Family,

As many of you know, 2006 started out with a bang literally! After three years in business my custom hair extension business that I ran out of the Tara replica playhouse we built in the backyard for Chastity and Charity when they were little girls...where'd you go, 1978??...went up in flames when my Newport accidentally caught one of the crates with my Auburn Avenger extensions on fire. YES, they are the same ones worn by Chastity in her court appearance and if you missed it I still have it on VHS and love to show it...she may have gone off to prison but she did not go down without a fight or without showing some of the spunk that made her Miss Chicken Wing 1989!

Irregardless it turned out better then we thought because the insurance money kicked in pretty good and Carl bought himself another bass boat. He is insisting on taking it out on Christmas Day with the grandkids but deer season will almost be over so he is really in a dilemma on what to do. We don't get to see Bo and Stonewall much because of the incident with the jumper cables so we like to make the time with them special. We have gotten them the cutest numchucks for Christmas!

My lady parts had been giving me trouble so I had them out in April. I have them in a jar on the windowsill in the kitchen in formaldehyde to remind me not to take anything for granted! I wish I'd kept my leg and could've put it in the curio cabinet with my Precious Moments figurines because that bottom shelf is real big. Charity says it is creepy but I say it is all a part of me and why should I get rid of anything the Lord saw fit to give me!

Carl Jr. did not win his lawsuit against Carl's Jr. and he is now living in Laughlin Nevada and he is getting his associates in Slot Management. We are so proud of him.

My bible study group took a trip to Branson, Missouri and I sure did enjoy seeing Eddie Rabbit! He is just as good looking as ever and our group got tickled when I got up and showed them the clogging routine I could still remember that I worked out to "I Love a Rainy Night" when I used to teach clogging on the back patio. It was great fun though turned tragic when Sheree caught her hair in the hotel hairdryer and suffered third degree burns on her scalp and one ear. Of course she is a hairdresser so she is looking right cute now that she's had a chance to grow it out and pull it over and around the burn area.

The black family across the street continues to give us trouble but it's Christmas so I'll leave that at that.

I don't know what the new year has in store for us but my Lord and Savior surely does. Right now I am hoping for a new Bible to replace the one that went in the fire even though we've got others around. I'd like to have one that is presentation grade that I can put up in the living room on the Bible stand I got for my birthday. It is pretty and has lights.

Well I guess that's it from our little corner of the world. May your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmases be white like the song goes!


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

sweet and fluffy

i love pop music. i love a lot of music, but i really love poppy, fluffy, airy, poofy music, as anyone who has shared a car ride with me for any amount of time would probably tell you (through gritted teeth).

that said, sometimes i really try to resist the pull o' the pop, if only to show that i can resist a marketing onslaught with the best of them. and i must admit i fail miserably when it comes to resisting the battering ram of the gwen stefani marketing machine. i think i like the idea of someone who is my age (36 in 10 days - er, i mean, 29!) still acting for all the world like she is 22.

and i also like the fact that she shows her age big time in her music. seriously, more than half of the songs on her new album, 'the sweet escape,' sound like they are coming from the soundesign car stereo ($39 at wal-mart in 1986 -- and sorry, that was the only place to buy a car stereo in south carolina in those days) in my powder blue '67 vw bug as i drive home from my afterschool job at revco drugstore.

she did vacate our eastside nabe for tonier environs in beverly hills (oy!), but i still heart her. if you don't believe me about the '80s vibe, check this one out:

wonderful life

oh, and expect a lawsuit from the cardigans -- she apes them to the point of identity theft on 'early winter'

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

put some cranberries in it for xmas

phriedz over at 2 am buzz forwarded this to me and i am still laughing. probably not office-safe, btw, unless you work at an ob/gyn or day spa.

Monday, December 04, 2006

not-so-silent scream

someone around here has the 'throw-ups' and its not me. however, the sound of said affliction in a tiny house does not afford anyone much sleep, so i am cranky. and tired on top of being tired. however, i am not yet throwing up, though i suspect it should begin in the next 24 hours. watch this space for official Throw-Up '06 updates.

the weekend was fantastic with some fun friends from around the city coming by for a coupla drinks and a coupla tamales and a coupla pieces of free birthday cake courtesy of a confused waitress at the edendale grill bar, but what's a coupla pilfered pieces of cake between friends, right?

the weekend took a down turn upon the realization that prepping the kitchen/living room for demolition would basically require a full pack-up as if we were moving vs. a 'let's just shove everything over here.' i am now writing this post from my office where our makeshift kitchen now resides, on a towel-covered coffee table in the corner (microwave on the chest of drawers behind me, as is toaster and coffee maker). had planned to go to palm springs, but the throw-ups put a wrench in things, and now i am here as the contractors remove cabinets and coat closets and other heavy wood things from their locations of 59 years via crowbar. it's a lovely sound.


Friday, December 01, 2006

wrecking ball

we have lived in our los angeles home for nearly one year, and the badly-needed restoration has finally begun (that flapping sound you hear is the of fluttering $100 bills taking flight from our pockets). what used to be a covered, then uncovered (courtesy of us and a crowbar), and now covered again in an actual roof 'service porch' is mostly done, give or take a leaking washing machine hose that the contractor must repair.

and on monday, the entire kitchen gets demolished, along with the front coat closet and the dining room wall. which means we have to move everything out of one side of the house and store it in the other. on sunday. the day after our little christmas party. meaning we have to do it hungover. god help us.

in keeping with the theme of what's happening at our house and what my head will feel like on sunday (as well as the title of this post), please enjoy the beautiful and enchanting ms. emmylou harris:

wrecking ball
ps - neiman marcus has free shipping and free gift boxing-wrapping with code HOLIDAY. can you tell i've been sending out corporate xmas gifts?