Friday, November 30, 2007

postcards from the edge

i just pulled that post title outta my butt in reference to how crazayzay it is up in heah, BUT -- i do love that movie. best line: "i do it for the endolphin rush."

i had an absolutely horrendous professional experience yesterday which i will not get into the deets of, but suffice it to say that the curse word that dare not speak its name has run through my head a few times in re: to.

balancing out the horror of that, and finding myself in santa monica, of all places, i cut out early and snuck off to the mall with a friend to eat 'hot dog on a stick' and see 'the savages,' which i loved. phillip seymour hoffman is cute, and i don't care if you point and laugh at me for saying it. the movie really snuck up on me, and it had some interesting things to say about family and infirmity, and without any hollywood schlock thrown in. in fact, you may be wishing from some hollywood schlock in there from time to time -- that's how unflinching it is. so yeah, thumb up. and same goes for 'no country for old men,' one of the best movies i've seen this year.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i ain't no dalai lama

dolly parton's first video for her new 'return-to-top-40-country' album is out and i could barely make it through. i am way into the old school dolly, the hollywood dolly, the bluegrass revival dolly, the 70s dolly and a little bit of the 80s dolly, but i can't get with this latest incarnation.

that said, big points for including amy sedaris in the video

Monday, November 26, 2007

i wish i had a river i could skate away on

i'm normally immune to the holiday blues, but i think they've crept up on me without me even a nice hello.

(just overheard from my contractor: "i know this woman named patty, she lives in long beach, and she weighs 750 pounds and she travels all over the world and people pay her lots of money to squash them. she was in that movie, but only for a few seconds, but they paid her bank, like 15 grand. the storyline is real, friggin', like, 'what's this about?' but the visuals are amazing.")

anyway, back to the blues. i'm tired and i'm cranky and i'm having some kind of momentary existential crisis that i fear only fried chicken and mashed potatoes will cure. plus a xanax washed back with some mountain dew.

i am going to spending lots of time in airports over the next few days, so i'm sure i'll find a spare moment to send a dispatch your way. my blogge implores you to not abandon it just because its daddy is a trashy, absentee ne'er do well, k?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

you also deserve pretty stuff

it can't always be about beauty 'round here

believe it or not, drugs were not involved:

Big Girls Dont Cry - The most amazing home videos are here

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

blogging to you from the epicenter of nerddom

...palo alto. lordy, you've never seen so many pairs of dockers, or men with ponytails, for that matter. lots of circa '98 wilson's leather apparel in the house, as well. and a few idiots with too much money wearing vuarnets (yes, vuarnets!), even though it's foggy and 50 degrees.

back in the bay-bay for 36 hours starting now, then back to ps, only to be picked up by the mister to drive to la and spend 12 hours, returning immediately to ps. then to la jolla for two days starting monday. lord help. now you understand the intermittent blog posting, i hope.

how 'bout some thoughts tossed like chicken feed this fine wednesday? here ya go:

* 'michael clayton' is really good, though slow at the beginning and full of plot holes you could drive a truck through. also, wins the award for most cliched production design element. a 19-or-so-year-old farm girl sits in a newark airport motel room alone and unmet by the party who invited her east. in the background of the shot, in her suitcase, we see a stuffed animal. spare me.

* ryan adams' new ep 'follow the lights,' is phenomenal and the only thing helping me keep my sanity in this cacaphonous starbucks.

* palo alto, like everywhere else in america these days, has turned into an outdoor mall.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

memories light the corners of my mind

i actually remember watching this in '86. i think i had marla gibbs' outfit, too.