Wednesday, May 28, 2008

just desserts

the white house is shocked....SHOCKED, i tell you....that little scotty mcclellan done kiss and told, y'all!

have you noticed that there's an increasing number of bushies who have decided the time is right to distance themselves from dubya and his minions like a farter putting distance between himself and the silent-but-deadly he just left in the elevator?

it warms my heart until i think of what a disastrous mess we find ourselves in.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

spring chicken

despite the fact that i feel all of 21 most of the time, every once in a while reality gives me a smack up side the head to remind me that i am approaching (ahem) middle age.

seeing this photo of winona ryder and keanu reeves is one of those times:

then again, maybe they are just aging faster than me. right?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

goodbye, toby

don't ask me how i was able to sneak in a viewing of 'the office' season finale via hulu in the midst of some crazy ass nuttiness (see last post), but i did get to see it, and it was hilarious and bittersweet and all the things i really like about the show when it's at its best.

(the best line: "Holly is sweet and simple, like a lady baker.")

best of all, amy ryan, my favorite actress of the moment, has joined the cast.

i think it's almost hump day beer thirty. word up.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the tale of our move, a switch to new cable/internet provier, and a new computer purchase, in numbers

time spent on the phone with verizon: 3.5 hours

time spent on the phone with time warner: 11 hours

time spent on the phone with microsoft: one hour and counting

time spent on the phone with apple: 5 hours

time spent on the phone with at&t: 2 hours

number of voicemail messages left for an at&t supervisor whose number i was given by a technician: 4

number of 'i'm-going-to-lose-my-shit-on-you-if-you-don't-call-me-back" voicemail messages left for an at&t supervisor whose number i was given by a technician: 1

number of hours the at&t technician spent at our home before leaving without completing installation: 10

number of days since technician was last here: six

number of custom stainless steel outlet plates technician took with him for some inexplicable reason: two

number of hours before at&t returns to complete assignment: unknown

number of days we have been without landline service in palm springs: 53

number of days no one has changed the spelling of my last name on my verizon account from "bush" to its correct spelling: 22

Monday, May 19, 2008

breaking news

now that the blogmeister at the 2am buzz is no longer blogging, i guess it falls to me to share with you whenever further debases themselves with a sensationalistic headline. with that in mind, i give you:

Grizzly victim: 'He's eating my brain!'

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

just in time for summer

if i could turn back time


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

song of the count

ok, i promise i don't sit around all day looking for dracula puppet videos, but check out this nsfw treat i came across in my youtube soujourns:

back in the new york groove

i have no idea why the title of a long-forgotten kiss song (see post title) has wedged itself into my brain, but there you go.

i'm back from my self-imposed blog hiatus to share a few things:

* 'gone baby gone' is really great. it's a little treacly in places, blah blah, but overall a well-acted, well-told, emotionally-affecting movie that could've been an absolute disaster. thank god for subtitles 'cause those boston accents (and casey affleck's tendency to mumble) had both me and the mister a mite confused in places. also, amy ryan from 'the wire' was every bit as amazing as people said.

* apparently bette midler plays helen hunt's mother (?) in some new indie that helen hunt directed (will save that one for netflix), and this quote from miss m in 'entertainment weekly' made me laugh:

"She didn't want me to be over-the-top, even though I was dying to chew some scenery," Midler says. "It is my favorite dish."

* also from 'ew', here's a fan video of 'dracula's lament' from 'forgetting sarah marshall's', which makes me want to see it again, 'cause i'm a dracula and puppet freak and i don't care who knows it.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

beaten, bothered & bewildered

ok, consider this me crying uncle. the hits keep on coming, and i don't mean of the mariah carey variety. i love you people, i really do, but i believe i have to go on a bit of a blog holiday over the next week while i look into electroshock or become a scientoligist or get a hot stone massage, at the very least. to every thing, there is a season, and it appears that this one is the spring of my discontent. (smell the melodrama!)

i leave you with a few quick thoughts:

* 'baby mama' was cute -- good for a big studio flick, but a big studio flick nevertheless. i was expecting some subversion. and steve martin SUCKED!

* 'hard candy' -- as rolling stone said, what other 50 year old do you know who can rock the album cover crotch shot like ciccone?

* 'rolling stone' -- there is an article in there by matt taibbi (late of the bill maher show) about going undercover at a christian retreat that is, shall we say, interesting.

* cleveland -- no matter how unglamourous its reputation may be, i always have a good time.

* 'forgetting sarah marshall' -- surprisingly good, so give it a chance if someone's told you it sucked. the puppet show is worth the $10 alone.

i promise to send you guys a postcard from whichever asylum agrees to admit me. kisses and misses!