Thursday, July 31, 2008

sore presumptive loser

mccain's people are sorely mistaken if they think that the majority of americans are going to turn against obama because of his so-called celebrity status. hellooooooo! we love celebrities! this is the country that turned paris hilton into an icon of sorts. all that aside, though, this comparison to britney and paris is cheap, disrespectful and exceedingly desperate. also, have you heard that they've launched a parody of facebook called barackbook that makes fun of his more than 1 million supporters on facebook?

senator mccain, would you like to look completely out of touch? if so, act like the fuddy duddy you are and poo-poo this newfangled internets thingy that you claim not to use. please, poo poo to your heart's content! make fun of facebook, the Internet, etc., and all the other hopeful, naive people who are supporting obama, because making fun of people hoping for a better deal after this mess you and your compatriots have created is a great idea. mocking people for their optimism and desire for a country that hasn't been run into the ground by the likes of you and your party via a misguided war, unneeded tax cuts, the exploitation of peoples basest instincts via wedge issues, literally felonious lies, no child left behind, "clean skies," "healthy forests," denial of global warming, refusal to fund alternative energy sources -- you name it -- is a great campaign strategy if you're aiming to lose an election.

thank you, and good night. i need to go polish this dingy ol' soapbox now.

the low road express

Monday, July 28, 2008

terry monday

my vote for video of the year

stranger than fiction

there but for the grace of god go i

if the internets had been invented when i was 13 years old, i have no doubt that i would've been making videos like this and posting them, and i'm not kidding.

I'd get a refund on that MBA if I were you

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

exile in myville

so, this has been quite a challenging week getting prepped for my family invasion. i think i've kid-proofed the house sufficiently, and rezzies are booked everywhere from disneyland to catalina to someone else's house in palm springs given ours is still at the camping-indoors stage. happy to have the, but looking forward to the actual time together cause i'm done with this prep shit. now, a list:

*have you seen 'madmen'? holy lord, that is some good tv.

*i remember when the summers were slow in my business, but no more. sign of the apocalypse? sign of a recovering economy? sign of panicked workers trying to be as productive as possible to save their jobs and companies? what i wouldn't give to be able to sneak off to an afternoon movie as in the days of yore (actually, now that i think about it, those days of yore were specifically the days after the dot-com implosion and i would prefer not to relive that, so forget what i said).

*i love going to youtube or just google generally and unearthing relics from my childhood (see image above). i can't imagine that boo berry is any less toxic than cigarettes, yet it is still available with no warning. go figure. funny thing is that i still have a sense memory of the taste and a very vivid memory of how it would turn milk blue. delish!

*i haven't been to the movies all summer -- a first, though i think a trip to see 'wall-e' is likely in my future, and definitely going to see 'dark knight.'

*started reading 'the audacity of hope' the other day. it would be amazing to have a president who can not only write, but write extremely well and who is obviously a political mind for the ages. we are such idiots if we don't elect this guy.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

if you ask me...

...this looks pretty good.

sweet mystery of life

why she made it in show business and i never did is indeed puzzling:

Friday, July 11, 2008

he will come out

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

my treat for the day

...will be downloading a 'juliette and the licks' album. i saw them open for courtney love four years ago and they were amazing, but i always forget about them. then, i came across this, and now i am just obsessed with getting me some more juliette in my life. word!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

warning: rant ahead

Monday, July 07, 2008

if you want it

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


ok, so i overuse the term "basically" all the time, basically. that said, this song by 'high school musical' star vanessa hudgens -- "sneakernight" (isn't that the best title EVER?!) -- makes me want to stab my ears to death. and somehow, even though you would think i wouldn't come within 500 ft. of this video or song given my daily routine, my perpetual quest to get healthier placed me twice in a hotel gym where this was playing, and then i was bludgeoned by its not-so-dulcet tones in an airport somewhere recently.

these kids are crazy!


years ago, i remember scraping up all the sam phillips cds i could at amoeba records in berkeley (before the hollywood and haight stores were even there, so yeah -- i'm old), then i kinda lost interest. friends the nagwells raved about her last one, 'a boot and a shoe,' but still is didn't really get back on the sam phillips bandwagon.

so, i'm not sure what compelled me to buy her new album on itunes when i spied it in the new releases section (perusing the new releases section on tuesdays is becoming a bit of a habit, and a dangerous one at that), but i did, and i can't stop listening to it.

after i realized how much i liked it, i started digging around and finding out that the reviews are glorious and also that she recently divorced t-bone burnett, who produced all of her albums (except the ones that she did as a christian singer back in the early '80s; i know this because i lived in south carolina in the early '80s and you really couldn't avoid christian music). anyway, this album is supposedly the chronicle of that divorce.

here's a sample for your listening pleasure. i recommend it highly:

my career in chemistry

ps -- the photo has no relevance to this post; i just needed to share this photo of madonna and courtney love a collective 109 plastic surgeries ago.

what i did on my summer vacation

kayaked 10 miles down the river, drank ten gallons of rose', read not a word of my books, lost cell and email access, played who knows how many rounds of rummikub, built three amazing fires and ate like a king.